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Selecting an anti-corrosion system for line pipes. External coatings can be defined as barriers against corrosion factors such as oxygen, water, salt, sunlight, or bacteria on the external surface of the pipes. The external corrosion protection is a must for the lifetime and reduced operation cost of a pipeline. Environmental conditions, situation of the buried media, and operation temperature are some of the important factors that must be considered for the selection of appropriate coating system. Single-layer FBE, dual-layer FBE, and three-layer polyolefins are the most used external coating systems for the pipelines.


There are many international standards, specifications and practices. These include 21809-1/2, AWWA 210/214, API RP 5LP, EN253, NACE SP0394.  Over the years and with the effort and contribution of global experts, these standards have been improved significantly.


However to select the right technical requirements can still be difficult for engineering companies. Additionally, there are country standards for the pipeline coating, for example CSA 245.20/21 in Canada and GB/T 37587-2019 China. Some major oil and gas companies also publish their own industry standards, for example, Shell and Total.  In general, these standards and specifications are very similar and mostly give only a general requirement without any specific project requirement.


With more than 20 years of experience studying coating materials both in the laboratory and on-site, Advance Technology will be able to recommend to you the most suitable material for both line pipe and field joint coatings based on the installer’s ability and capacity as well as on-site environmental conditions.    


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